Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rant Time - Craigslist

Before I launch in to my rant, let me state for the record that I like Craigslist. I've bought and sold several items there, it's free to list items for sale, and it's a great place to look for stuff (especially bikes).


It's the people that post bikes there for sale. Not all of them of course, but the percentage of fucking idiots seems to be on the rise. #1 If you don't have a goddam digital camera to take a picture of the bike you're selling and post it along with your ad, DON'T BOTHER POSTING AT ALL!!!!! I don't give a fuck how good of a deal you think you're offering, if I can't see a couple pics of the bike in the ad I will never contact you about buying it. And don't bother including any lame ass excuses about why you don't have a picture up. If you want to sell a bike for several thousand dollars and you can't buy/borrow a cheap digital camera then fuck off. Stop being so goddam lazy and do it right.

#2 The people who post something about 'best deal on craigslist' or 'must sell today' type shit, and then they post a price that is totally too high. If you really MUST sell today, you better put a dirt cheap price up there, otherwise be prepared to wait. And it's not the 'best' deal on craiglist when you've got your 15 year old four wheeler for sale for $800 when it's worth about $200. This leads right into #3

#3 Do some fucking research!!!! No matter what bike it is, when you go to sell it do a little checking on how much similar bikes are selling for, especially in your area. When I see several late model Sportsters for sale for around $5000, and then along comes Clowny McFuckindumb to post his for $8000 I say well, here's are real dumbass. These are the same guys who then complain to their buddies a week later about how no one has contacted them about buying their bike. Duh!!!!!!! These people are the ones who don't understand the difference between selling a bike and trying to make money off of it. Selling involves putting a realistic market value price on the bike. Making money off of it is taking all the receipts from the adorable little chrome crap you've bolted onto to it, adding that to the price you paid new for the bike and then listing that as the sale price. Not likely to work, Chuckles. Just because you dumped $2000 into chromosexualing up the bike doesn't mean someone else will pay for your mistakes. But hey, good luck. Maybe there is someone out there dumber than you.

That pretty much covers it, I just needed a little vent. As always: Choppers Rule, Baggers are for fags and it's never going to be any different. Later.