Thursday, June 30, 2011

Barbarians at the Gates

There is no happy ending and the world is not getting better. Keep the good people close to you and enjoy them while you can. Never miss a chance to let the bastards and the idiots know that they will have their way eventually, but they won't get there without a fight. Make a dent in things while you can.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Smoke Out

These are in no discernible order, but thanks to Bill for taking most if not all of them. I didn't even take a camera this year.

Chris was keeping this chick warm since she lost her shirt

The fire girls doing their thing.

The Crew.

Roadside, creeping on the ladies. Notice I'm keeping an eye on him.

Mike, definitely not thinking about stealing the bike he's on.

The Amazing Jimmy

The T and the A

Nice sunsets both nights in Rockingham

These two staggered past our tent, the chick was so fucked up that the dude was literally holding her up. Pure class.

Bill actually had sex in this tent, but the other dude cleared out before I could get a picture.

Grade A Man Meat

Smoke Out 12

Another one in the books. Good times as always and got to see a bunch of good fuckers I only see about once a year. Despite being violently ill the morning of departure, having a wild ass two car crash happen right in front of us on the way up, and few other delays we made it to Rockingham Thursday afternoon.

Roadside making sure his Knuck is ready for all the hipsters to rub their nuts on it.

Back road wrenching.

Weather was hot, but we got lucky and no real rain all weekend. Glad to see everyone I did, and for those who didn't make it hope to see you sometime soon. I doubt I'll be back at Smoke Out next year, it was fun but it's just not what it used to be. I guess nothing ever is. Enjoy the pics.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Two Wheels Traveling

Tommy's headed back over for a while so he needed a moto travel fix before he departs. I got the invite to tag along and off we went.
Columbia to Charlotte - Charlotte to Chesapeake, VA - Chesapeake to Lewisburg, WV - Lewisburg to Green Sulphur Springs, WV - back to Columbia. 1200 miles on two wheels Flying Monkeys style. Very liberal disregard for posted speed limits and for the proper use of the 'breakdown' lane. After enough miles, 90+ feels like a reasonable cruising speed.
A great time all around with gracious thanks to Mike & Karel, Big Joe & Rose(and LJ), Chewy & Kim, Tia & Fay and their great parents for putting us up along the way and for putting up with us. Especially Tommy who can be very needy sometimes.