Sunday, April 5, 2009

Progressive progress

My sportster is moving along pretty well. I scored a set of rear shocks from a Dyna Superglide Sport that should solve my stance problem nicely. I got lucky too, as I won them on ebay just beating out the next highest bidder by less than two dollars! Nice. They're due in early this week so I'll post a pic once they are installed. Just as importantly, I finally found a tank that fits my vision for the bike. It's NOS for a Ducati Mojave 260. What is that? Fuck if I know, but the tank is perfect for what I'm doing with this bike. Like always, it'll take a good bit of modification to work, but the overall shape is dead on.

I'm excited about this project because 1) I fucking love sportsters, and 2) It's been a few years since I've built a bike just for me. I doubt I'll make huge progress on it in the weeks left before the Smokeout though. I've got several friends/customers bikes to deal with before then and that deadline is breathing down my neck like a zombie about to strike. Either way I'll keep the updates coming. Keep it on two wheels.