Sunday, April 5, 2009

Choppin' in the Back Woods

While Bill is in the backwoods of the Middle East doing who knows what, things are moving on with his Shovel. His goal is to make the bike better able to ride for distance, so we've done a few things to meet that goal. Swapped out the 21" front wheel for a 16", changed handlebars, and went to a much bigger 4.2 gallon mustang tank from the small 2.2 it had. I also installed a stainless Fab Kevin jockey shift handle, just because it looks slick as fuck. Eventually Bill and his brother Tommy intend to take a long ride together to spread their special brand of jackassery. Tommy already rode the bike I built for him on an 11,000 mile trip last year. In about two months. With one leg. Yeah, we're all pussies compared to him. Ha ha.