Sunday, April 12, 2009

Keep it rollin

The Trackster(still not sure about that name) is coming along. Since the last update I've installed several new pieces. The bike now sports the longer FXDX rear shocks, as well as a Fabricator Kevin front fork brace and Tokico brake caliper/mount. As usual, the Fab Kevin parts are as beautiful as they are functional. I know he probably gets tired of everybody saying how great his stuff is, but at this point every bike I've built has used at least one of his parts and I can't imagine building one without some of his stuff on it.
I went ahead and installed the 2 into 1 header I got for the bike as well. This was a part where it really helped to have a good knowledge of stock harleys. I knew the 883R model H-D built for a few years came with a 2 into 1 exhaust on it from the factory. The muffler they used was total crap, but the header was perfect for my bike. I hit ebay and scored one for cheap, lucky fuckin' me right? I've got a sweet aluminum Supertrapp exhaust can that will go on the bike, with the mid-pipe being the only part that has to be fabricated.
Thanks to everybody for the feedback on the Ducati tank. I liked it from the get go, but it doesn't hurt to know that people who's opinions I respect don't think it looks like shit. This bike will be a full custom build in regards to the level of detail I will put into it, so it's going to take a while to finish. I do feel very good about how things are going so far and hopefully everyone will dig it when it's done. If not, keep it to your fucking self!!!