Sunday, April 25, 2010

More Evo Evolution

More good work on the choppa this weekend. All of this purpose driven work is doing wonders to ease the pain of all the chrome doodads I've bolted on other people's bikes over the years. 7 weeks to lift off.

Precision machining, more or less

Making parts work together

Tight and right, auxiliary foot peg set using Fab Kevin's mid control plates.

Drilling bung holes. Yeah, you read it right.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rub It In!

Talked to Jimmy and he's made it to Colorado. Telling me all about how great the roads are and how good they would be on two wheels. Yeah, tell me that while I'm working out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere SC. The itch to hit the road is getting nasty.

Ginger Kid Invasion, Beartooth Pass, MT

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wrench Therapy

Gotta love a set of fresh tires

Front wheel ready to go.

Mid surgery

Back on two wheels

The ticking clock finally suceeded in getting me in gear on the changes/preparation of my Evo for the Long Road ride in June. First step was installing the stock aluminum mags from my Sportster with new tires and freshly packed bearings. I made some minor adjustments to the wheel/brake spacing as well. Preparing your rigid chopper to go on a 3000 mile trip will make you focus on the smallest details to give yourself the best chance of making it with no big problems.

I've got some necessary hardware/materials on the way to keep jamming this weekend. I actually like the black powdercoated wheels on the bike more than I thought I would. Gloss black is the new flat black, believe it.

The Red Headed Road Warrior

Jimmy's headed west helping Edge to publicize the awesomeness that is the Smokeout East & West and the Long Road ride connecting them. This pic isn't actually from his trip, but I can only assume a scene very similar to it will take place somewhere along the way.

Technology - The Bitch Goddess

Our modem here at the house took a shit a few days ago and we just got the replacement today, so I'm back online. I got a bunch of the Long Road mods done on my Evo last weekend and I have to say it was some of the more satisfying hours I've spent in life for the last several months. Just me in my shop, a Bulldog snoozing on the floor, and wrenching on my own ride. A bit of what life should be.

Pics soon.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Grease and Water Don't Mix

I just looked at these shots from Bill and Roadside Marty's whitewater trip during last year's Big Mountain Run. Bill's second from the back of the boat, and Marty, well there's no missing his giant ass. Especially given the perfect 'oh shit' face he's got going. I'm fucking crying laughing looking at this shot. Needless to say, they had fun.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bully, a Snowball's Worst Enemy

After the big snow a couple months ago I discovered how much Bully loves snowballs. You throw them at him, and he grabs them in flight and eats them. You can see in the photo how impressed Brick is. Even 9 year old dogs still do some pretty funny shit sometimes.

Every Time I Think I'm Out......

I'm supposedly out of the biz, but somehow I've still got a bunch of bikes in the shop. Eh, it's still better than my regular job. Did a little work on a Shovel early today, then headed out for a ride on my rigid to enjoy the perfect weather. Tomorrow is exactly 8 weeks until I head out for New Mexico, Smoke Out West, and the Long Road back to Rockingham. I've got a good bit of work to get the bike ready for the trip and the clock is ticking.