Saturday, April 2, 2011

Original Gangstas

Took a short drive north to take my tank to Jimmy Bortles for petcock relocation. I hadn't seen him for quite awhile and it was good to see he's still building great bikes with his unique style and flawless craftsmanship. Definitely a guy who hasn't gotten enough credit for the level of work he does. Just glad he's still doing it. Of course, he did a great job on my tank, which is why I took it to him to start with. I'll post pics when I get the tank mounted on the bike in the next day or two.

While Jimmy was working on my tank I headed to my very good friend Mike's to see what kind of projects he's got going and enjoy the high level of hospitality he and his wife Karel always put on. Got to meet up with the legendary Dirty Ed for a while as well, so a good time all the way around.

Always does me good to spend some time with guys that get what it's all about.

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