Friday, April 15, 2011

Fire and Blood

Cutting, shaping, and welding metal is dirty business. When you've got to do it, you know enough to concede to how dirty you will get and how much metal dust you're going to inhale. If it was too easy they'd call it golf.

Purpose built exhaust almost completed. The purpose? Go Fast.

I managed to set my shop broom on fire with the plasma cutter while I was making the base plate for my tail section. Not a little on fire either, full on in flames. Out the door and stomp it out, still functional.

Got the rear loop of the tail piece done. It doesn't look like much right now, but it's the most important piece to get done since the rest of the tail section is based on this one strut.

I had a visit from the world famous Roadside Marty as well the other night and was pleased to get the thumbs up on this bike from him. He generously hooked me up with enough parts to put together a fully adjustable sport front fork for the bike, AND he gave me some valuable tips on how to get my bike into all the cool guy magazines. Apparently the main trick is to be very willing to perform oral sex on the male editors of said mags. It's all starting to make sense.


Roadside Marty said...

Hey fuckwad thanks for telling everyone my secret!!! P.S. you really need to get Brick laid, that stain is NOT washing off my pants leg..Roadside

Bad Monkey Motorworks said...

He was marking you as his property. Brick owns you now.