Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jimmy Bortles, the Grouchy Master

I was lucky to enough to work with Jimmy while I was at Carolina H-D. Easily one of the best builders that most people have never heard of. I learned a lot of things from Jimmy about the right way to build a bike when I was just getting started. Every custom bike Carolina H-D ever had featured in a magazine was built by Jimmy, even though I don't think he ever got the credit he deserved for his work.

Glad to see he's still putting two wheels down in the NC backwoods. A great, laid back guy who doesn't give a damn about all the trendy bullshit in the custom bike world. A guy who still does the most badass, surgically clean wiring jobs on his bikes. And I'm not talking about simple 7 wire choppers that any dumbass can wire up. I'm talking about fuel injected, twin cam, sensors everywhere, electronic everything bikes with a wiring job that looks better than any factory's work. Jimmy's the man.

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