Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shift Drummin

Tommy finally pulled the trigger and ordered one of Baker's N1 shift drums for his 5 speed. I was just anxious to check it out as I'd never installed one before now. He rode up to the house and we knocked it out.
Oil tank out and exhaust off, this is really the most work of the job.
Trans. lid off and old shift drum ready to come out. I have to say that for the long, hard miles Tommy has put on this transmission, everything was in great shape. The stock H-D 5 speed is a damn good trans.
New Baker piece next to the OEM drum. High quality like you'd expect, especially the roller detent instead of the OEM plunger type.
New drum in and ready to go back together. It fit perfectly, no issues. We test shifted it on the bench, gave the bike some fresh oil, dealt with a couple of other small issues on the bike and Tommy was off for one cold ass ride back to Charleston in the dark. A good night wrenching and hanging out for sure.

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