Saturday, April 14, 2012

Like a Cold Drink on a Hot Day

I picked up a big order of parts for the Walsh build. I took this pic to illustrate just how many little parts you need to build a bike from the frame up. These are only a fraction of everything that's needed, but you get the idea. I wanted to include it for the guys out there that have never built one, just so you're not too shocked by all the little bits & pieces it takes to actually go down the road on two wheels.

The big success of the day was finally solving the riddle of the drive chain alignment. For whatever reason, this bike was a bit trickier than most that I've done, but it's all good now. By the way, Barry has a brand new trans. and rear sprocket set for sale if anyone needs them, hahaha. It's all lined up now and I can move forward with the rear fender mounting and a bunch of other things as well. Check back often as this project will start moving faster from here on out.

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