Thursday, June 9, 2011

Two Wheels Traveling

Tommy's headed back over for a while so he needed a moto travel fix before he departs. I got the invite to tag along and off we went.
Columbia to Charlotte - Charlotte to Chesapeake, VA - Chesapeake to Lewisburg, WV - Lewisburg to Green Sulphur Springs, WV - back to Columbia. 1200 miles on two wheels Flying Monkeys style. Very liberal disregard for posted speed limits and for the proper use of the 'breakdown' lane. After enough miles, 90+ feels like a reasonable cruising speed.
A great time all around with gracious thanks to Mike & Karel, Big Joe & Rose(and LJ), Chewy & Kim, Tia & Fay and their great parents for putting us up along the way and for putting up with us. Especially Tommy who can be very needy sometimes.