Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Sun Also Rises

Heading for Daytona soon. Going down for the show at Willie's and to remind Roadside he couldn't judge a little girl's jump rope competition, let alone a chopper show. With my current ride it might take a few days to get there, but there's no substitute for style.


THE JUDGE said...

If you bring a skank for Roadside you just might win Best of Show with that bad ass ride.

Bad Monkey Motorworks said...

He is one of the few judges that openly accepts bribes.

Roadside Marty said...

This is a blatant attempt to discredit me and my skills as judge of the Chopper Show circulated by jealous, insecure individuals with no regard for their inadequacies or lack of taste in true chopper styling!!!I have NEVER been "bribed" by anyone with sex, money, bike parts etc etc..I have proof damnit!! Sincerest regards Roadside Marty