Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dirty Work

Moving well on the wiring for the Buell. The goal is to wire the entire bike using only a cannibalized version of the stock harness. The skill is in being able to cleanly strip the unnecessary wiring and then neatly apply what's left to make everything work. That step separates the men from the fags that watch too much American Chopper. A whole lot easier said than done, but I make it happen.

Good times are finally on the horizon. A couple days in Daytona this week, the swap meet at the end of the month, then two months to the Long Road, Smoke Out, and Faro. Since taking pics of wiring a bike would be fucking boring, here's a morally casual young lady posing with my bike from a shoot a few years ago.

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Don Meredith said...

Nice ride... the bike looks sweet too.