Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Baby and a bunch of excuses

Yeah, so I've totally dropped the ball on actual bike related posts lately. Mainly, it's b/c I haven't accomplished shit on any of my projects. So, here goes with my list of excuses why: 1. Working 50 hrs. a week sucks and takes up valuable bike building time 2. It's hot as Satan's bunghole outside right now 3. I've gotten back to working out consistently, which is great, but also takes up bike building time 4. Lawn/house keeping, which also sucks, but is necessary 5. I'm lame in general and just haven't been real excited about bike work lately.

Alright, so that's it. I chose another shot of the same chick from last week because she's just that damn hot. Oh yeah, I watched UFC 101 last night and if there's a badder motherfucker on the planet than Anderson Silva right now I'd like to see him. I seriously think he could wipe Fedor out without a whole lot of trouble right now.