Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Prioritizing, Bitch

I picked up a cheap Triumph project a couple weeks ago. Dirty Ed lent a hand this past weekend helping me get the motor out of the frame. Now we both have Triumphs to build and the race is on. Well, it'll be like a race to see which turd flushes first. We'll have them done in time for our 60th birthdays guaranteed.

I'll post a couple pics soon. Within the next month I'm looking to adjust my work schedule so I can devote more time to things that don't feel like a monumental waste of time. I've got some damn fine motorcycles in my shop just waiting to be built and I want more than anything to oblige them. Despite all the bullshit, bikes are still the thing I'm most passionate about and I'm set to get my life in order so I can get back to bringing two wheeled death machines to bear on an unsuspecting world. Let's roll.

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