Monday, June 8, 2009

Buildus Interruptus

Sorry for the lack of actual updates lately. This bullshit 'working for a living' is really cutting into my bike building time. Not to mention my working out time, my riding time, my general having fun time. I got the Mikuni round slide carb mounted on my sportster, but that's about it for progress on that bike right now.

Bill took his Shovel and a bucket full of parts up to Newton's and they got crackin' on that bike. It will definitely be a nail driver when it's finished.

Finishing Disco Dave's Buell rigid is definitely next on the list and I'll be posting regular updates on that bike soon. Otherwise, I'm just spending way too many hours caught up in paying the bills, thinking how much work I could be getting done if they didn't expect you to make a house payment every month! Bastards.

Big Mountain Run is next week and I'm riding there with Roadside, my pop, and hopefully Extreme Francis. Should be a helluva good time and it'll be good to ride the mountains for a few days. Until I've got something new, here's a few more pics from Montana last year.