Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to Basics -- Bikes & the Road

Got back from Cycle Source Magazine's first Big Mountain Run last night. We covered a little over 900 miles overall and it was a damn good trip. I hit the road with my Pops, Roadside Marty, and Crash Nasty Bill and we went everywhere. We hit Maggie Valley, NC to see the Wheels Through Time Museum and that place is simply incredible. If you even pretend to like motorcycles you owe it to yourself to see the collection of bikes there.

We left Maggie Valley and headed for the Tail of the Dragon to straight tear shit up. Simply an awesome, challenging road with no room for bullshit. I hadn't ridden this stretch since 2001 and it was the first time running it on my ZRX. There are several photographers that take your pic as you run by and one of them got a great shot of Bill & I coming thru the corner together. I'll post it as soon as I can, but it will definitely end up framed on my office wall. I felt pretty good and was proud of the fact that I passed some young boys on sportbikes despite my bike being fully loaded with my luggage/camping gear. Not bad.

After the Dragon we pointed the wheels into Tennessee to the rally spot on the Hiwassee river. Even the roads to the rally were awesome and by the end of the weekend we felt certain there were no bad roads in the entire area. Smooth and twisty and just right for risking your ass for nothing more than the thrill of leaning the bike way over and throttling thru the turn.

The Big Mountain Run was a good time and I saw a lot of old friends and met more good motorcycle people. Especially good to see and hang out with Bacon & Candice, Big Paul, Kevin 'Teach' Baas, JW, Brew, and the rest of the Greasebags that populate this little world of ours.

Overall it was just good to get out on the road for a few days with some good friends and some great riding. The pic is me, Roadside, and Pappy at the Overlook on the Dragon.