Monday, October 8, 2012

A New Member to the Club

My friend Don and I took a no-holds-barred trek to Gadsden, Alabama last Saturday to pick his first bike.  After an extensive search he found this cherry 2008 Triumph Thruxton owned by a great old guy named Bob, who took meticulous care of the bike.  Less than 700 miles on it, and already squared away with a nice aftermarket exhaust, jet kits, air injection eliminators, etc.

The owner, Bob as mentioned, was a really interesting old guy with a real passion for motorcycles.  You could tell he was going to really miss the bike, but I think the stack of hundred dollar bills Don gave him eased his pain a bit, hahahaha.  After about a 13 hour round trip, Don and I made it back to his place and he took his first few spins around the neighborhood.  I was lucky enough to take it for a short blast and the exhaust sounds awesome when you get on it.  All around a beautiful bike and a great choice for Don's first ride.

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Don Meredith said...

Thanks for blowing a Saturday to help the new guy out! I'm currently spending time thinking about riding instead of working.