Wednesday, August 1, 2012

West F'ng Virginia

We made the trek to W.Va and it was good. Me, my Dad, Newton, and Big Mike rolled two wheels north and did what only we can do. The rally itself was the typical lame collection of "Harley riders", waaaay too many baggers and people riding in shorts and flip flops. But, West Virginia has some great roads and it was good to get out of the shitty summer heat of SC for a few days.

The Torment Garden where we met up with our friend Tia, complete with old animal bones.
Our transport to get up and down the hills to our kick ass accommodations at Tia and Fay's place. Newton and I rode on the roof each time, dodging tree branches the whole time. Like a ride at Disneyland, but with less little kid urine involved.
Packing up and heading out of the Bouman farm on our way to Morgantown. Next time we'll just stay there, that place is awesome and the hospitality is first class. Thanks a million to Tia and Fay for putting us up and being the coolest sisters we know. A good 1200 mile ride for the first decent road trip I've taken all year. The long ass ride home Sunday was a bit rough, but still better than the best day ever at work. Family Reunion 4 coming up in a couple months!

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