Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chopper Reborn

Got up to Newton's a couple days ago to help him get his Honda Nighthawk chop wired and fired. I love air cooled inline 4 motors, but the newer they are the more wires they need to run. Regardless, Mike and I started about 3:30 and just past midnight we had the bike turning over and firing like a champ, including bypassing all the safety lockouts the Japanese build into their bikes to attempt to idiot proof them. This is going to be a rock solid reliable bike and I'm ready to see it blasting down the road in a couple of weeks for the Smokeout.

The pic is from a few months back, but I didn't think ahead and bring a camera to take pics while we were wiring it. All building and fabrication by Mike including the entire frame. Pay attention, this is how you build a bike without wasting time on whatever the hipster flavor of the month is.

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