Sunday, September 25, 2011

Family Reunion III

FM3 is over and it was kick ass. Despite the weatherman's best efforts, we didn't get wet. In fact, the weather in the mountains was as close to perfect as you could ask for and we had an awesome day riding. Deal's Gap and the Cherohola Skyway were both great with nice clean runs on both of them with very little car or bagger traffic to get in the way.

Just as significantly, Jimmy took his first road trip since his wreck and other than a late start on Saturday he represented fully on his FXR. Along with the sweet riding, we mixed in a healthy dose of drunk/stoned Germans, hill people, and ruthless joke cracking. For the record, we got it on good authority that Hasslehoff is NOT a big star in Germany, despite what you may have heard. Thanks to Mo at the Kickstand Lodge for allowing us to camp there again this year and for being cool in general. Bottom line: Smokey Mountain riding rules.

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Jimmy said...

Awesome weekend indeed. Was good to put on some miles with you again brother. Yes, its true, the Hoff is not big in Germany but they do like their jagermeister, but they can NOT handle american weed, it makes them steal flashlights.