Wednesday, March 23, 2011

There's No Going Back

I turned 37 yesterday. I'd like to say I don't feel that old, but I do. So much to do and so much time that's gone by without doing it. Too much time on the couch, too much fucking off. I think back to the first couple rides I took on my buddy Matt's Sportster back in college. As much as I love riding bikes, you just can't recapture that feeling when you first got on a full sized bike and twisted it back. The most worthwhile experiences are the ones you can't ever do over. You get that one first time, and every time after that it's not quite as good. Adult responsibility is very overrated.

My nephew Max in New Zealand. Exhibit A. No matter what any of us does the rest of our lives, we'll never be as happy and carefree as this little boy is in this picture. He doesn't care about money or driving a flash car or any of the other bullshit we get so hung up on as adults. He's just a little kid running across the yard with no pants on. Happy as hell. For me, trying to feel a little bit of that is all that's worth doing anymore.

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B.C. said...

I tell ya man,never quit looking for that feeling.It's there,only in between the other shit.At 55 I'm on my second go around with ridgid's,ya my junk hurt's a little more now than then.But WTF.