Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Tale of Southern Dicks Penetrating South Texas

One week and a good 2500 miles divided into two 20 hour, straight through truck rides, and Jimmy, Tommy, and I made it back from San Antonio more or less unscathed. We got to spend some good times with our favorite Texan Chris Nelson and enjoy his unique brand of laid back hospitality. We also 'enjoyed' a rare winter storm and some of the coldest weather in South Texas history.

Chris' 60's era aluminum bodied hot rod bread truck. Built big block and a level of awesomeness that few four wheeled vehicles can compare to.

Me at the wheel of the Bread Truck from Hell, just to my right is the beastly engine that sends this fucker down the road 3 times faster than it was ever meant to go.

The four of us basking in the glow of having just finished bringing Tommy's bike back up to code and ready for another summer of heavy miles.

We made a couple trips to Austin and had the chance to hang out with Bacon, the original Canadian Kid. He just recently moved to Austin to further his work as the best up and coming vintage motor builder around. We got to check out his top secret shop in it's embryonic stage and things are looking good for him. As long he doesn't fall in with the skinny jeans wearing hipsters that seem to populate Austin he'll be good. Otherwise we'll just ride back down there and beat some sense into him. We're really doing it!

Despite me being sick as a dirty monkey for a good bit of the trip, it was a good time with some good friends. We got to meet a couple Texas cops, ate some great cheap Mexican food, and took a tour of some of the sketchiest gas stations between SC and South Tejas. Trust me Bro!

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