Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anybody Paying Attention?

Fred 'Krugger' Bertrand won the AMD World Championship of bike building with this V-rod based custom earlier this year. Completely awesome, but more to the point the best example yet to suggest that H-D has missed the fucking boat by not putting the V-rod engine into a sport bike chassis. These engines make over 100hp bone stock, but Harley has stubbornly kept them in a chassis that handles with the grace of a fat girl on ice skates. They pay lip service to the public about how they want to attract younger riders. This would be a way to do it, much more so than painting your Sportsters flat black and acting like you just reinvented the wheel. Take a break from beret shopping Willie G and get on this shit!


Roadside Marty said...

As usual your right on target but here in the states your avearge Street Glide chaps wearing doo rag head band chain wallet Hog member neon light chrome bolt on dipshit has no idea of how a motorcycle should perform but maybe one day H-D will pull thier head out of thier ass but I doubt it!!!

Bad Monkey Motorworks said...

As eloquent as always Roadside. But I fear you're right, there aren't enough riders here in the States with a clue to push H-D into making the V-rod what it could be.