Friday, November 12, 2010

Swap Meet Time

Headed up to Charlotte tomorrow to run through the swap meet for a few hours. I'm not after anything real specific, just hunting for anything cool or a good deal. It's a good excuse to hang out with the NC crew either way.

I'll mainly be hunting for 2010 bagger parts, and looking forward to a titty contest featuring unattractive, semi-drunk women no younger than 50.

If I score anything good I'll post it tomorrow night.


Roadside Marty said...

You didn't tell me anything about a fuckin titty show muthafucka otherwise I would be sitting at your house right now ready to head up there in the morning..THANKS ALOT BUDDY!!!!!

Dirty Ed said...

There is nothing like the dimpled belly fat, hanging over WAY too tight jeans, on a drunk 50 something pale water buffalo, stumbling around on stage, with tits that look like grape fruits stuffed in the end of a tube sock, that screams Swap Meet titty contest.