Thursday, July 29, 2010

Twin Cam Carnage

Most of you guys know my Dad's Superglide experienced a major shitting of the bed just outside of Memphis on the Long Road. Check out a few pics of the damage.

Pic 1. The remnants of the inner cam chain, the front cam bearing, and the pinion gear
Pic 2. Yeah, the pinion gear actually cracked all the way through. First time I've seen that.
Pic 3. The inner cam chain tensioner. Best I can tell, this component failing is what started the whole party, but it was hard to tell for sure.

The whole engine is heading for tear down, but it doesn't matter too much. My Dad just bought a bagger!! Arggghh!!!


Roadside Marty said...

I feel better now knowing that it was not an easy "Roadside" fix!!!

The Judge said...

Hope you have choppers for pussies ready for him.

Dirty Ed said...

What homo sold your dad a bagger?

Bad Monkey Motorworks said...

The guy said the bagger wasn't gay enough, so he sold it to my Dad so he could buy a Rocker.