Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Brief Rant

I'm no fan of H-D dealerships, as most real riders aren't. Regardless, I stopped by my local one this morning to pick up a stock part for a shop I've been doing some part time work for. I arrive at 9:30am. About 30 bikes parked outside the dealership which are obviously bikes they have for sale. Several vehicles in the parking lot. I walk to one door, it's locked. I walk around the corner to the next set of doors, also locked.
At this point, some dude in his truck yells to me that they don't open until 10. Fucking 10am on Saturday! But, they had no problem rolling 30 bikes outside for perusement by potential victims, er, customers. And worse yet, I realize that along with the guy who yelled out to me, there are several more people sitting in their cars waiting for this clown show to open.

This is why you have a shit reputation, Thunder Tower H-D. You are morons. And, you didn't get to sell me a couple air filters.


Don Meredith said...

In the future, please include a hot chick with your rants. It will balance out the post and I've come to expect it.

Roadside Marty said...

I couldn't agree more!!!