Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wrench Therapy

Gotta love a set of fresh tires

Front wheel ready to go.

Mid surgery

Back on two wheels

The ticking clock finally suceeded in getting me in gear on the changes/preparation of my Evo for the Long Road ride in June. First step was installing the stock aluminum mags from my Sportster with new tires and freshly packed bearings. I made some minor adjustments to the wheel/brake spacing as well. Preparing your rigid chopper to go on a 3000 mile trip will make you focus on the smallest details to give yourself the best chance of making it with no big problems.

I've got some necessary hardware/materials on the way to keep jamming this weekend. I actually like the black powdercoated wheels on the bike more than I thought I would. Gloss black is the new flat black, believe it.


Roadside Marty said...

Not bad either if I do say so myself!! SO looking forward to this ride brother!!!

Bad Monkey Motorworks said...

I was riding the bike last weekend around town and just imagining bombing down the road a thousand miles from here. I'm as ready as you are my brother.