Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Down To This.........

I've spent a lot time pondering the complexities of life lately. I've come to embrace the fact that so little of what we do on this Earth makes any real difference. It's also undeniable that we as a race are on a flaming, pissed off, bullet train of doom and the next and last stop is HELL. We can debate this until we're all slitting each other's throats over the last gallon of gasoline, but it's coming and there's no getting out of the way. So, here's the only good answer:

Do whatever the fuck you want, just do something! Do you really want to die without ever punching somebody in the face? Or getting punched in the face? Build a stripped down, dangerous as fuck motorcycle yourself and ride it waaaay over the speed limit. Go run with the bulls in Spain. Jump in the tiger pit at your local zoo and see if you can escape without ending up tiger poop. Go up to a group of big, tattooed fuckers and tell 'em to suck your ass, then run like hell!!

These days of just sitting on our asses at some bullshit job that means fuck all at the end of the day are no good. We've forgotten what it took to build the lazy society we've ended up with. Our great grandfather's would kick the shit out of us if they saw what a bunch of pussies we've turned into. We lost touch with the rock hard fact that none of us is going to live forever, and every day gone is a day that is never coming back. This could seem depressing to some, but it shouldn't be. It's only a wake up call to all of us. No ones going to remember your name because you watched every season of American Idol, or you had the most 'friends' on fucking Myspace. The world can be a mind-numbingly awesome place, but it's not gonna come to you. So, on the count of 3, everybody quit fucking around and go get it. And if you see me out somewhere, hit me in the face. I promise I'll hit you back.

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