Friday, October 9, 2009

The Rising Tide

Not that this is a very recent revelation, but I find it impossible to ignore the drastic increase in the number of fucking douchebags populating our society these days. I can't remember a time when more people have embraced their own ignorance so enthusiastically before. Everybody is into everyone else's shit to such a degree that it hurts my head. Instead of worrying so much about telling other people that they're wrong, try making some kind of positive difference yourself. Don't mistake my sentiment for some kind of peace, harmony, let's all love each other crap. We're all fucked and there's no doubt about it, but you can at least put the brakes on our collective express ticket to hell. Try doing some good for yourself and your own family and friends and spend less time worrying about which crooked politician your neighbor voted for. Regardless of any delusional fantasies you may have about a magical, Jewish zombie that's going to give you everlasting life, the fact is that this is it. You only get one lap on this race track so I'd suggest wringing it out for all it's worth. Get crackin.

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