Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Bad Monkey Also Rises........

What's up fuckers? I'm in the final stages of shaking the retail albatross from around my neck and bringing Bad Monkey back to what it's supposed to be.

By relieving myself of the burden of running a storefront, retail business I'll be getting back to doing what I got into this whole thing for in the first place: motherfucking motorcycles. No more baggers, no more chrome bolt-on buffoonery, no more chickenshit punks with crappy XS650s. I'm back to building em the only way I know how: loud, fast, and meant to insult the tender sensibilities of every HOG member on Earth.

Bad Monkey Motorworks will be at the Smoke Out in May in full force and anybody that's got a problem with that can come get it. I'll be posting pics & updates as I get moved into my new shop, I've got some good stuff in the works.