Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Smoke Out 9

So the Smoke Out has come and gone, and what can I say? It was fuckin' great! Despite the 3,000 cops we all had a great time. I ran into Mad Dog on Sat. and he said it's like a family reunion, which is dead on. It's the one time of year that the hardcore elite of the chopper world all come together. It's an event that I'm glad alot of people don't really get. The best bikes, hot chicks, and general rowdiness. Year after year, the only rally I go to and I'll keep going until they put me in the ground. Ed, Jimmy, Bill, Tommy, Newton, Big Mike, Bacon, Skidmark, Katie, Roadside, and everyone else that lent a hand to Bad Monkey this year gets a big thanks.

Here's a shot of Mark with some homemade peach & blackberry 'magic water' that kind of sums up the whole thing. Viva la Smokeout!!!!!